About us

Home is where everything begins. Here at PRIVE, we make sure to celebrate and treasure every part of the home that tells who you are. We truly believe that every part of our home says a little bit of something about us, that is why PRIVE wants to ensure you’ll only have the best and the most authentic part of yourself shared in every corner of your home. Picking the finest raw materials is key. We carefully select genuine leather along with premium wood and fabric to create a modern feel that pays homage to the finesse of Italian style. PRIVE carefully crafts each of our furniture with the sole mission to indulge your aesthetic sense and fulfill your need for functionality. We collaborate with committed artisans to deliver sophisticated pieces and ensure each one of them is superior in quality. From the sleek armchairs and tables to the signature comfort of our sofa and bed collection, we invite you to experience a new chapter of modern living that is filled with pure joy and contentment.