Kitchen Portfolio – Mrs. RB – Jakarta Pusat The Gourmet Kitchen showcases a square island crafted from durable MDF HMR material with HPL walnut finishing. This design emphasizes a gourmet style in both cabinet and tabletop finishes, creating both a contemporary and functional culinary space. The strategically positioned square island not only adds a modern […]

Kitchen Portfolio – Mr. D – Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan Stand out with a kitchen that puts a spotlight on quartz finishing for the cabinets. Beyond just adding a touch of luxury, the choice of quartz infuses vitality into the space, crafting an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and lively. .eicon-shortcode , .qodef-e-info {display: none !important;} […]

Kitchen Portfolio – Mrs. S – Pondok Tjandra, Surabaya Embracing a classic and country style, this kitchen features a bold color scheme and gold accents on the handles. Crafted from durable MDF HMR material with a duco dark green matte color finish, it introduces trendsetting elements like shaker-style cabinets. The kitchen seamlessly transitions into the […]

Kitchen Portfolio – Mrs. R – Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, this kitchen ingeniously utilizes the space beneath the stairs to craft a cozy haven for our feline friends. Despite this unconventional addition, the design maintains its sleek and minimalist appeal, adding a touch of whimsy to the space. .eicon-shortcode , […]

Kitchen Portfolio – Mrs. D – Uluwatu, Bali Unveil an elegant fusion of blackwood and a polished tabletop, chosen to match Mrs. D’s sophisticated taste. The monochromatic palette adds mystery and refined elegance. Crafted for a dynamic kitchen lifestyle, the island table seamlessly caters to cooking and relaxation, making it a versatile centerpiece for both functions. .eicon-shortcode , […]